skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15th, 2013

So I realize that I haven't really been updating my blog all that often and I want to change that now. It's a new semester and I can start anew with my entries. I also just started working on the schools blog so since I linked my own blog to theirs I feel that I should put up stuff that could help with informing interested students about SRISA and life in Italy. So yeah..... :)

So this semester is really starting off great~! We have all been getting together quite frequently for dinners or just to hang out which is really nice cause last semester there really werent enough people to even do that.... the majority of the SRISA students were the girls in my apartment. Which of course I love them all very very dearly and miss them like crazy (except Jordan cause she is here) it is nice to branch out to other people and have a large group instead of 5 girls.

Yesterday was the first day of classes, and it felt like a really long day to me for some reason.... I had Italian in the morning and then went with my roommate Veronica to the central market for our fresh produce and then to Conad to pick up pasta etc. I got prosciutto which I am super happy about cause I was totally missing it when I was in the US over winter break. Then I had my contemporary art history class which is gonna be fun. Natalia and I went to the Clubhouse to get lunch, I wasnt planning on eating but we passed a girl having a burger and it just looked so good I had to get one. It was an awesome burger, the meat was really tender and it came with guacamole and bbq sauce to put on top (so naturally I did) and it was awesome!!!! and extremely messy. We actually ended up running a bit late to class, we are both in the same painting class, which is really weird for me cause I never am late for my studio classes.

I really like hanging out with Natalia, she's such a sweetie. The group of us SRISA students went out with her as our guide this weekend and it was such a blast!!!! we met up at the Clubhouse and then went to Uncle Jimmy's where I tried something called a Cherry Bomb which was really sweet and yummy. Then we headed over to Victoria which is this bar that is run and owned by these two twins that are super hot!!! like they look like Chris Hemsworth except not quite as buff. And they make amazing drinks!!! they are really fruity (at least the ones I got were) and decked out with fruits and flowers! Then we headed over to Twice which is a free club, and that was fun, I always love going out dancing. The group of SRISA students left at about 3am I think, Natalia and I stayed till about 4:30am and then headed to the bar that she works at. It was really small but nice and not so crazy as the other bars I've been to in Florence, especially on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. I met lots of people there and I am so excited that I actually remember their names! We ended up staying there just sitting at the bar talking to people till 7am when everyone was kinda leaving so I figured we might as well go too. We were both starving so we went to the McDonalds near the train station (since we knew it was open), and I dont think I have ever thought that McD's food was as good as it was that morning, prob cause I was just so hungry or because it was freshly made for once. So we hung out there for a while and talked and by the time I made it back into my apartment is was closing in on 9:30am. Needless to say I slept in all day sunday, I literally passed out till 5pm.

Yeah, so we also have arranged with the other apartments that each week we will do a pot luck dinner at a different apartment each week. We already had one last week and this week its gonna be on thursday. I think we are going to do the dessert, but maybe just the salad, who know.

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