skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10th

So I havent written anything in a really long time..... sorry, just been busy, well not really actually, just keep forgetting to write. So since then has been day to day going to school and such. Umm, on the last weekend of September I just stayed in my apartment and relaxed and then went to the school for a bit.
I finished two projects so far in my painting class, the multiple earrings and the study of feet. Both of which turned out quite nicely, especially the feet, I did six pieces but only four actually worked together so I just used those. And when I showed them to mom over video cam she said that they all look like ballet feet :) and I can totally see that. Now in painting we are working on our midterm project which is to do a still life three times over, painted in different positions ways etc. So I am painting my little pomegranate that I got over the summer. Its gonna be really nice I cant wait.
Then for drawing we got our midterm project as well so I'm gonna try and get that all done this weekend so I dont have to stress over it. I'm gonna go to the Uffizi on friday and just spend a few hours there drawing the statues for one part of my project.
We actually did finally get into the Uffizi this past weekend, it was so unbelievably amazing. We spent over three hours in there and only made it through like five rooms, its so huge there and just chalk full of beautiful art. I literally almost started crying when I was standing in front of Cimabue's "Madonna and Child Enthroned," I was just so breath taking, and so much bigger than I thought it would be. I imagined it only being about two feet tall, max, but this piece was towering, probably over ten feet tall. I could just stare at the images in there for days. Also in the hallway you dont even really realize that around the border of the ceiling are tons of portraits, one next to the other, covering the whole building. It's just amazing, its like they have so much work but no where to put it. They also have four different rooms for gift shops. Needless to say I have found my favorite spot in Florence, and to top it all off we got in for free :D
We also had a bit of saddening news these past weeks, Jessi had to leave to head home cause her mom had been in the hospital for a bit, nothing serious but just to make sure. So this friday we found out that her mom had died, the hospital had misdiagnosed her, so we were all devastated for Jessi. But she is going to be returning to Italy in a few days!! I've missed her, I have photography with her and there is only one other guy in the class besides us so without her here it has been pretty much just me and the teacher. The guy, Oliver, has another class that runs into our photography class, and he is also doing an independent study, so he really doesnt even do the same work as I do so when he is in class I'm still the only one that Gloria, our photography teacher, really focuses on. It's fun cause Gloria is really nice, but also kinda intimidating cause I'm really far behind on stuff and she has me doing like 5 projects at once and they are all things that I have never done before and also digital so its kinda hard to remember everything that I have to get done.
This past weekend was Mustafa's birthday so we all went out saturday night to celebrate, we just walked around for a bit and went to this dance club but the music sucked so we left. It wasnt that long of a night out but it was fun while it lasted. This weekend I also went to IKEA with Jordan and Tess, mainly just cause Tess was scandalized that Jordan and I had never been to IKEA. It was fun and very interesting, apparently the store is set up exactly as the US ones are. I got a wash cloth, which is like impossible to find anywhere, and thats it. There was a free shuttle to and from IKEA and that was quite interesting cause the bus literally felt like it was made out of cheap plastic and then there were so many bumps in the roads because of the cobble streets, so it was super bouncy.
Tonight we are also going to sit down and discuss what we are going to do for the week and a half we have off for fall break, cause we need to make reservations now or never.

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