skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 20-24th

So I realized that I really havent written in my blog in a long time..! I mean nothing that exciting has happened but still. So Thursday went well, not as I had hoped with the movie night but it was still amusing. Everyone wanted to go to the school till closing time (10pm) to use the internet so we couldnt start the movie till after 10, and Casey had to be picked up because she didnt know where our apartment is. So then we all cuddled on the couch and watched Death at a Funeral, the british version. The movie didnt end till about 12:30 and then Jessi and Casey got into a debate about tv and directors. Then at about 1am Jessi and I walked Casey back to her apartment and then we came home and crashed. Thursday during the day was really nice, I managed to hop over to Zecchi's right before it was closing to get some more paints that I was missing and then ran over to Salvinis to pick up some canvas, which was pretty cheap and already primed. (normally I would do my own priming, but I feel that its already quite expensive for canvas and then to add on the price of gesso, which is quite pricey, and also the time that it would take to prime and sand the canvas would just be a hassel.) And I made it back to the school with time to spare before my painting class. We just did critiques for class and then we were kinda dismissed but were told to brain storm what we were going to do for our next project. So Casey and I got into this whole discussion about all things asian, such as anime and dramas etc, and then Natalia got into the conversation cause she likes anime too and then Andrew (our teacher) jumped in and started to art it up and talk about the difference between eastern and western ascetics. So while he was doing that I ran to grab something to eat and then talked with Mustafa for a bit and he got me this wonderful app that allows you to call to the US for free as long as you have wifi. So I got to call my mom for a good half hour before my next class!!! I am SO happy about that!!! then for drawing class we went out again and drew some sculptures that were in these niches around a church, it was actually the church that I had gone in to the third floor that is only open on mondays. So it was quite fun to do the drawings in an area that is more of a walking area instead of a public tourist area. So when I sat down to start drawing people actually stopped, looked at my stuff and then really started to pay attention to the church, as if seeing it for the first time. Then we also almost got run over by this guy who wanted to park his shiny jaguar and didnt care that there were two students sitting on the curb or that his car blocked said students view of what they were drawing. So we spent the whole three hours out there and then came back to the school re-grouped and then got dismissed. Then I headed back to the apartment to get ready for movie night.
Friday of course I slept in, but not too late. Then I went to the school and just hung out literally for the whole day just hanging with friends and doing work. I decided what I am going to do for my next project so I stretched my canvas' and tinted them. Then at 9pm we all headed out to go hang with Natalia who had invited us to dinner and a club. It was all of us minus Avigayil cause she went with her mom to northern italy for the Yon Kippor weekend. So we all met up at the carousel near the triumph arch, then headed to Natalia's favorite bar and took a shot, which was completely free because she is friends with the bar tender! Then we headed to YAB which is this really cool place that you go, have dinner and then after dinner while everyone is drinking and talking they move all the tables and start playing club music, turning it into a dance club. So we went there and met a ton of italians who for the most part spoke english, we didnt know it but apparently we were also at the VIP table, which was pretty cool. Jessi and Tess left after dinner cause Jessi cant do flashing lights and Tess had spent the whole day in Milan so she was really tired. So that left Jordan, Natalia and I and we had a blast! while we were dancing they brought our whole group a bottle of Grey Goose that was on fire and glowing along with things to mix it with like orange soda, I didnt drink any, I just mooched off of other people and took sips here and there. Jordan and I didnt leave till about 2am, and there were people who were just starting to come in when we left. But what was really awesome about that night was that we got dinner, VIP treatment, unlimited wine and dessert, free drinks and access to the club for 10 euro. Thats it. So we are definitely going back there sometime.
Then on Saturday we all took it slow in the morning, then I came to the school to hang out and skype mom, grandma and papa which was really nice. I miss them. Then when the school closed I dropped my stuff off at the apartment and headed to the grocery store where I met up with my roomies. Then we made ourselves so dinner and just laid low. We were supposed to go out to dinner again with Natalia but none of us really felt like it after the night we had on friday.
Then on Sunday we all got up and went to the Bogili Gardens cause I needed to re-shoot my film and Tess and Jordan wanted to see it. So we stayed there till 5 just walking around etc, but it was super hot out, nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit and humid. On our way back from the gardens we all stopped at the little chinese place that I had found and got lunch/dinner and then we all went to the apartment and tried to cool off. Avigayil came back later that night with her mom so we got to meet her, she's really nice.
Monday started off as normal, Italian class, we got our quizes back and I got 100% on mine (mainly cause I got 5 bonus points) but still counts. Then we went to get something call granita which is like a slushy but made with actual fruit etc. So I got a really good fragoli granita (fragoli= raspberry) and then we were allowed to leave so Jordan and I headed back to the school. Then I developed a roll of film from when we went to the gardens, and this time the images did turn out! except the camera or the developing tank is leaking light so a few of the images have a strip of black across them, but there are not many and thankfully were not on the good prints. Then I hung out at the school till I had class at 4 where the teacher taught us how to do solarization in the dark room and how to do infrared on photoshop. Then we worked through class time and Jessi and I stayed a good hour after class just working. Then we hung out in the painting room cause I had to teach Mustafa and Casey how to stretch canvas for class, which was quite fun and good practice for when I start teaching. Then at about 9:30 Jessi, Jordan and I headed to The Diner for dinner cause mondays they have free drinks for any purchase of a meal. So I got a chocolate milkshake and strawberry pancakes, which the strawberries that were in the pancakes were fresh and so delicious!! Jordan got eggs benedict with a strawberry milkshake and Jessi got fried chicken with a vanilla milkshake. We all ended up sharing everything and everything was really good. The Diner also offers free wifi and is open till midnight so we stayed till about 11:20, and Jordan and I got tea while we surfed the web and talked. It was really awesome cause our total bill for the three of us was only 20 euros! we didnt get out 10% discount as students but we got nearly 15 euros free of drinks, they didnt even charge us for the tea! It was awesome!!

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