skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Saturday, September 8, 2012

August 7-8th

So yesterday we went on a field trip to Casentino! It was so much fun!!! except of course waking up early was such a pain, but we all slept on the bus ride anyway. So we all met up in front of the school and then walked to the bus station to get on our private bus. There actually didnt seem to be a reason for the bus since there was only eight of us students and three teachers... but whatever it gave us tons of room to spread out. The bus ride was kinda long but really beautiful. The roads were also very curvy and made everyone kinda carsick, especially the two guys who had been drinking the night before... So we got to the house but we actually had to walk this little path way to get to the actual house because the bus would not fit down the street. The house was in this really small village that only consisted of about five houses and one tiny church that is now being used as a shed. The teacher who lived there is actually on sabbatical but allowed us the use of her house anyway. We all had a nice little breakfast on their porch that overlooked the whole valley, it was so beautiful. Then when we were done with breakfast we explored a little bit around the village. Apparently the town was bought by the teacher's family when she was little and rebuilt it, now there are other families living in that area along with her. But at one time the whole town was just some old ruins dating back hundreds of years. We also discovered a plum tree out in their back yard and all of us ate a ton of them, there was even a fig tree, but I'm not that fond of figs so I didnt eat one. Then we started our cooking lessons, we started out learning how to make homemade pasta, it was actually quite similar to making gnocchi so I had no trouble with it. Then we made panzanella which is this bread salad that farmers used to make from their old bread and fresh vegetables. I had the dish once when I was au pairing but this time it turned out even better than I remember it was. I didnt help make the meat or the teramisu, but everyone else did while I was making the panzanella. The meat was actually cooked over their fireplace, it was pretty cool. While everyone else was finishing up their cooking I played a bit with the little boy who lived there, he was super cute. Then we all sat down for dinner, it was delicious! We hung out for a while after that and just talked. We had to leave pretty early because they wanted to get back to the city before the sun set. The bus ride back was a lot shorter than on the way there, probably because everyone just passed out. The bus driver was kind enough to drop us right off in front of our apartment building so we all went in to regroup and then headed to the library. The library is awesome, its open to everyone, free internet and also has a top floor that serves drinks and food and has an amazing view of the Duomo. So we all hung out there for a while and got some library cards, Tess and Jordan were the first to leave because they wanted to stop by the train station to see about getting tickets to go to Piza. So Jessi and I stayed for a while longer and then eventually headed back.

This morning I slept in till about 10 and then just hung out. Tess and Jordan took a day trip to Piza to go to the beach and Avigayil went to the synagogue for sabbath, so Jessi and I were on our own. We had planned on going to zecchi which is an art store where I have to get my paints from, then the internet store to check out some prices, then to the antique market for me and then to get Jessi a pair of cheap flats that dont scream american. So our day wasnt that successful, we got to zecchi's and they were closed, we figured that they were just closed for lunch so we decided to stop by on our way back to the apartment. Then we headed to the internet store which turned out to also be closed, but for the whole day. So then we went to the antique market and they were all closed for lunch, so we bought some drinks and just sat on the stairs and waited till they started opening up. They eventually did and I bought four old postcards for one euro, its partially for my future painting project and partially because the wall in my room is looking quite bare. They are super pretty I love them. Then we headed back to see if zecchi's was open, and on the way we stopped at this place to get some pizza which was delicious. Then when we got to zecchi's turns out it closed at 12:30.... and is not open on sundays so we decided to go to the other art store near the school. And of course that place was closed too! so we headed to the school were we bumped into the guys, Mustafa and Jason. Jessi and I then headed down towards the Duomo to find her some cheap shoes, which we thankfully succeeded in doing, and we stopped by the 99 cent store on the way to pick up some notebooks etc. Then we finally made it back to the apartment, we had been out and about for over five hours. So we just sat and had something small to eat and then I promptly passed out for an hour. By the time I woke up Tess and Jordan had returned from their trip all nice and red. Then we all just hung out in the apartment, we were all too tired to really do anything else. Sadly I didnt really get all the stuff I wanted to get done done, I still have to finish some reading for monday and do some italian work.... but I'll get around to it.

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