skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th

So I totally did not realize that today was 9/11 till around 3pm when someone commented on how weird it was to not see things in remembrance of 9/11 around since we are in Italy. So yeah... but today was really fun, I didnt have class till 12:15 cause Lorenzo pushed it back an hour. So I had the history class till 1:15 and then I had painting from 1:15 to 4. Everyone knows I love painting but I am going to reiterate it, I Love Painting! it felt so good to wield a paint brush again, I whipped through six small paintings within the class time, and unfortunately I did not bring a lot of earrings to go off of (cause I am making them all earrings) I only had three and then grabbed two from the internet. So yeah I did that and it was so invigorating. Then at 4:15 I had my drawing class which was amazing! We went to the Palazza della Signoria and just sat and did some quick sketches of the sculptures there, and also some really quick gesture drawings of the people around the sculptures (which were really fun but had to be done really fast because the people didnt know they were being drawn and would move). Actually I felt that I would have had a hard time with this drawing class since I really havent had a formal drawing class before and also because it sounded like there were so many people in the class who did have experience and were good at it too (cause we all gave our history with drawing in class on the first day). But when I was looking at my sketch book and then at everyone else's (not to sound vain etc) I felt like I really was good at drawing, especially at the gestural drawings we were doing. Then after classes I totally crashed, I mean I had classes from 12:15 to 7 straight, so I crashed for like 15 min on one of the comfy red couches at the school till Jessi gave me a really yummy apple and then we went to the 99cent store. After that we went back to the apartment and made dinner and did our italian homework, which was quite fun to do because four of us are all in the same class so we all did it together. Also for my drawing class he gave us homework to help us gain control of our pencil etc and it seems really fun, but also seems like something I can do during another class if my hand is feeling restless.

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