skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 5-6th

So yesterday was my first day of school!!! yay! so exciting!! my first class was at 10am and it was our italian lesson. It went on in a very similar fashion as it had been during our intensive lessons, but this time around we focused more on the written side as well as speaking the language. The class went till noon and then the girls and I went to the central market to pick up some food for the week. I love shopping for food here, its so cheap! and also so fresh, this one lady gave us some free figs just for shopping at her stall! I got so much stuff to cook with, and all so cheap :) so then we got back to the apartment and just hung out till 4 when Jessie and I had our photography class. The class is really small, there are only 3 of us: Jessie, Ollie and myself. But our teacher seems really nice and cool, she's also quite young and already has her doctorate in photography so we will definitely learn a lot from her. The photography class goes till 7, and we are supposed to have an art and culture seminar after from 7:30-8:30 but it was canceled for this week. So we got back to the apartment and I started cooking. I found this recipe online for this chicken, corn, onion and cheese on rice thing that was actually supposed to be made in a slow cooker but I just used two pots. It was surprisingly good, I thought that I would totally muck it up but I didnt. So I hung out at the table for a while with Jessi, and I enjoyed a very good and ripe apple for dessert. Jessi unfortunately was not as successful with her dinner, it was delicious but the soup she made split and burned her fingers so she had to run cold water over it for over five minutes which sucks but they got better.
Today I didnt have class till 1:15 so I just hung out all morning in the apartment and slept in till it was time to leave. My first class was painting, which the painting 2 and 3 had merged, a total of 5 people are in the class. It's gonna be interesting to have such small classes all the time. But the painting class sounds like a lot of fun and I cant wait to start. I'm gonna probably go and buy my paints tomorrow after our field trip, if not then then on saturday. Then after painting class I had my drawing class which is with the same teacher, Andrew. This class is my biggest so far with a whopping 7 people. And the class sounds like so much fun, our next lesson we are going to be going to the Palazzo della Signoria and do some gesture drawings of the sculptures there. Also we are going to be working with some japanese ink and a piece of cut bamboo which I am really looking forward to cause I looked at some of the pieces that were made with the ink and they looked amazing. Then after all my classes I got back to the suite and we all decided to go out and just walk about for a bit. We did and we actually bumped into this girl we knew from the one night we went out last week. It was a real coincidence, so we all just walked down the Ponte Vecchio and then around the Duomo till we all got tired out and headed home. On the way back we stopped for gelato and I got this amazing flavor, it was cantaloupe! but it tasted exactly like a perfectly ripe cantaloupe tastes like! it was amazing, I got everyone to try a taste of my scoop and they all were in awe of the taste. We actually learned from Lorenzo (our teacher of history at the school) that the places that have the huge mounds of gelato are not good at all, because if you think about it what do they do with the gelato that is left over? they use it the next day and next till they finally run out, so the gelato you are eating is days old. Its disgusting, at Francesco's (the guys we always get gelato from) he makes his fresh everyday and they only have a little bit in their containers. We also stopped at this kabab place cause Jordan hadnt eaten dinner, and the guy there thought that we were from Spain.... I dont know where he got that from but once he found out that Jessi was from Texas he kept going around saying cowboy, it was really cute and funny.

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