skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3rd

So this morning I got up at 9am for classes at 10. When we got to the school, of course, the class started late because everyone was just kinda hanging around and talking, as were the teachers. Then we all went on a sort of walking tour, we went all the way to the San Lorenzo market, which is quite a walk. We also stopped a few times on our way there. Like at the Baptistry, apparently it was originally a temple for the god Mars and there is a small slab of stone that is in the building on the outside that is an original part of the original temple that dates to 40BCE! Also we learned that when Italy unified in the 19th century that they got their colors for the flag from the Duomo since it was such a historical and popular landmark and the colors of the marble used in it is red, white and green. Then we were allowed an hour break for lunch, on our way back Tess, Jordan, Casey and I stopped at a church that was actually originally used to hold and dispense wheat to the citizens. So on the bottom floor it is a church, and the upper floors was were they stored the wheat, although now it holds some interesting sculptures and the upstairs part of the church is only open on mondays. And the view from up there was magnificent! you could see all over and see all the historical landmarks. After that I went straight back to the apartment because my feet hurt so much! I was an idiot and wore some flats that I had not broken in yet so they caused so many blisters etc. For lunch I just grabbed a panino and headed to the school to hang out a bit before class started again. Till 5 we did an italian lesson, it was quite fun, probably because I actually knew the words that they were teaching us etc. They also had us write down all the words we knew in italian just to see how much we did know, which food was allowed and counted as words. My list was by far the longest and I just kept adding onto it as I thought of other words I knew. The class actually flew by, I liked it, I think I'm gonna like my italian lessons. Then after lessons everyone else had to do their permit of stay thing so I just hung out on my computer, chatted with mom for a bit, and tried to finish downloading CS6 (which I did not finish). Then at about 7:15 Jessi and I went to il centro to get some stuff for dinner and then headed back to cook something up. I had pasta with bolognese sauce and cheese, it was quite good. Then I helped the girls with their new internet modem, which turns out is still not activated but will be by tomorrow.

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