skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 17-19th

So I havent written in a while and I'm sorry bout that :) monday I got sick with just a head cold, stuffy nose dizzy-ness etc. not too bad. Jessi had something similar all weekend so thats probably where I got it from but I am feeling pretty much all better today. So monday was quite normal, italian class, hanging at the school etc. For photography we went to the Pitti Palace and photographed the Bogili Gardens which are beautiful and huge! then after that I headed back to the apartment and crashed.
Tuesday was pretty much the same, slept in and then headed off to class at around noon. Oh! and I dropped my history of Florence class, mainly cause I just dont need the credit and also I'd rather have that time to be in the studio or out doing other stuff that I wouldnt be able to do with that class like going to the early markets etc. I really love my painting and drawing class, and I dont mean to sound conceited but I am a really good drawer! I never even knew! I'm so proud of my drawings, I'm gonna take photos of them and post them up here (although the ones from tuesday are a nude model.....whatever). Then after class I went back to the apartment to get ready with the girls for Vogue's Fashion Night Out, which is pretty much a giant party at all the designer stores etc. There was tons of free wine and so many people!! Jessi and I also got randomly photographed when we were in this store by a professional, we have no idea why. But it was so much fun! and I found the shoes I wanted, they are 70euros but really cute and practical for walking. We were out till the stores closed at 11 and then all crashed at home, we also were able to snatch a few wine glasses that they were giving out with the wine so now we have good glasses for our apartment which we did not have before.
Then today we had our first quiz in italian, it was really easy, I was one of the first ones to finish. Then I came back to the apartment and hung out till class. Then for photography we were supposed to develop our film from monday and we did but apparently Jessi and I both made mistakes with our film so both of our rolls came out blank. yeah, so apparently I didnt load the film correctly and Jessi's battery died while she was taking her photos. So sucks for both of us, but we are going to go back this weekend to re-shoot. The nice thing is is that we can go back whenever we want to cause our museum card gets us in for free. So gonna go back probably on friday to re-shoot and Jordan is gonna come with me cause she wants to see the gardens. I was actually planning on going to Rome friday with the guys but I thought about it and I realized that I didnt want to go because they were only going for the day (as far as they know) and they werent gonna leave Firenze till about 10am so really they would not be spending much time in Rome at all. And if I go to Rome I want to do it for at least 2 days so I can take everything in without getting too overwhelmed. Also I'd prefer to go at a less touristy time, and right now there are still a lot of tourists around. So instead I think I am going to just work on my photography project and get a head start on my new painting project as well. Also probably do a couple touristy stuff too and maybe even go to the beach again on sunday to relax. Also tomorrow we are all planning on doing a family dinner and watching a movie and maybe even doing facials and manicures! total girl night!!

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