skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Friday, September 14, 2012

September 12-14th

So on wednesday I had my italian class which wasn't all that fun, mainly just cause we were going over our homework the whole time. But apparently next class if the weather is nice we will be going to a really nice gelateria and practice ordering in italian. Then I didn't have a class till 4, which was photography and that was actually quite fun and different. We are working on photograms which is when you just expose the photo paper with something on top so it makes a design. So we spent the whole class experimenting on how different things act when exposed etc. It was really different than I am used to in the dark room, but really fun too. Our class ran a little over, just cause you easily lose time in the dark room, so we were all late for our art and culture seminar. The seminar was just Lorenzo going on again about the history of florence etc, but I'm really excited for next wednesday's class cause we are going to be talking about Vivianne Westwood, who is my favorite foreign fashion designer. Then after class Avigayil and Jordan were going to go over to Casey's apartment and then go out bar hopping and exploring. I went with them, but I had to run back to the apartment to change cause I felt disgusting after working in the dark room. So we met up at Casey's and took some photos on her roof, and apparently I can dance so now everyone wants dance lessons. Casey and I even did some ballroom dancing on the roof, just cause we felt like it. Then we headed to The Clubhouse which is where we were supposed to meet up with Mustafa and Jason, but they were not there yet and Avigayil wanted to try out a different area of the city. So we headed out and eventually found this really cool bar, it was very vintage and had a ton of old couches etc to sit on. The drinks were a little expensive but good, I had some sort of green apple drink. Then Jessi and Tess met us there and we all walked back to the Clubhouse. On the way Casey, Jordan and I started randomly singing disney songs, it was so much fun! When we got to the Clubhouse Avigayil and Tess headed back to the apartment cause their feet were hurting etc and the rest of us stayed there. Jessi and Jordan got something to drink and Casey and I were going to split a pizza but the kitchen had closed five minutes before we got there so we couldn't get anything to eat. After we were done hanging there we went to this little kebab place, since it was the only one open and Casey and I hadn't eaten anything since lunch. So we got this cheese and spinach calzone and since the guy was closing up he threw in the rest of his kebab meat for free, he also gave Jordan and Jessi some free ice tea. So we hung out there till he had to close up, we walked Casey to her apartment and then the three of us headed back to the apartment, by the time we got back there it was a little past 12:30. It was such a fun night!
So thursday I didnt have a class till 1 so I got to sleep in quite a bit. Then I just made myself some pasta for breakfast/lunch and headed to painting class. I didnt whip through quite as many paintings as I did last class, but that was because in those I wasnt really concentrating on the background or the space around the earrings I was painting, this time I did. But they did come out really nicely. And then for drawing class we went to this church where there were late renaissance frescos, we were inside cause it was super windy and the wind made it very cold out. But it was really cool in the church, we focused again on the standing figures and then for a time we did nothing but hands and feet, it was super fun. Our homework for that class is actually for us to go people watching and do really fast gesturals of them. I dont mean to sound vain, but I think I'm easily one of the more advanced of the class, though I still do need to work on quite a few things. But doing all these drawings is so much fun and just makes me feel alive here in florence, and like I am truly appreciating being here.
So today is friday, I dont have school, so I slept in, but not that late. Avigayil left this morning really early for her trip, since it's Rush Hashanah weekend she is going with some jewish friends and family members to this town, i dont remember the name. And Tess and Jordan went down to Capri for the day, I really wanted to go but the tickets for the trip would have been more than 100 euro and right now I want to spend my money on food and supplies (and for fashion week). So now it's just Jessi and I and we are both feeling kinda low cause the temperature changed quite suddenly here so everyone is getting that head cold kinda thing. So we are just laying low, we went grocery shopping and stopped at this really cool vintage shop where everything is super cheap. Now we are just hanging out at the apartment.

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