skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4th

Do today started out quite like yesterday, except that I did not end up running a bit late and totally missing breakfast as I had yesterday. We all got to the school and I am really starting to understand the italian, almost stereotype, of never being on time. Not once so far has any teacher been on time to class or a meeting and never have they chastised anyone for being late to a meeting etc. Its pretty cool. So we all were just hanging in the school when our teacher came up and asked us if we wanted to go to Michelangelo Square to see the view of Florence or if we wanted to go to the market that only happens on tuesdays, it was an unanimous vote for the market. It was quite a walk to get to the market but it was worth it, our teacher just dropped us off there and told us to meet her back at the school at around 2:15 for the rest of the lessons. So I just hung out with my friends and went from stall to stall, most of the stuff there was just really cheap clothes. I didnt get anything (yay!) just cause I kept putting it off and then decided that my money is better spent on food and traveling. So Jessi and I stayed a lot longer than the rest of the group cause we were trying to see if we could get to the end of the market, which we did not, but we turned around at about 12:30 because we both got really hungry. Thankfully there were stalls with food near the entrance to the market so we just grabbed something there. We actually ate cow stomach sandwiches. Apparently they are a historical meal because Florence was very poor so they ate everything from the animals, so a ton of people get these sandwiches as their lunches (or so Lorenzo told us, which Lorenzo is our history teacher who is super cool and funny). Then instead of walking the hour walk back to our suite we decided to take the little train and then walk from the Santa Maria Nouvella Station back to our apartment, which is like a 5 min walk. The little train was really clean and really nice inside and the ticket is really cheap which is a plus. Then at the apartment we just hung out and waited till 2 to head to the school. Our italian lessons were much like yesterday except we had a very open question and answer period where we just could ask the two teachers everything and anything that we could possibly think of. Then we got out and I hung out at the school again to take advantage of their internet, and headed back to the apartment a little after 5pm. I made myself some dinner at around 7pm and I made a grocery list for tomorrow because I've been eating shit lately cause I havent gotten used to my schedule and all I have at the house is just basic things like pasta etc. So I'm really excited to get all my groceries tomorrow and really cook something for a change. Also we have our field trip on friday that I am looking forward to and maybe even a trip on sunday to the Cinque Terre.

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