skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1st

So today we all didn't actually wake up till around noon, everyone being jet laged and then one tired emily who for some reason woke up at 8 and then passed out again till noon. Then I had breakfast while talking with mom over facebook, which was surprising since it was 6 am over there. Then Jessi Jordan and I went out to scout out a good internet service for the rest of the suite. But unfortunately it was raining so we made it to the school before we decided that we were just gonna wait it out, so we hung there till it let up. Then we made our way towards the Duomo and then onto the Plazzo Republica where there was a little market going on that we stopped at. We eventually did find the TIM store, but weren't really happy with the prices so we decided to wander and see if we could find any other internet store in that area. We ended up near Santa Maria Nouvella, where we started to scout for food. We got some sandwiches but decided to eat them else where because we didn't want to pay to sit at the little cafe we got them from. So we headed back to the school were we were gonna eat them, but on the way we decided to stop at a few stores, including the 99 cent store. Which that store is actually quite amazing, I got a few things there but they also sell like shampoo and condition etc so it'll be really convenient in the future to go there. Then when we got to the school we decided that there was no point in eating there if we were so close to our apartment and we had bags of groceries too. So we went back to our apartment and Avigayil was there just hanging cause she has the shabbat so she couldnt go anywhere. We ate and talked for a while and then we decided that we all wanted to go out tonight and explore the night life. So we just hung out and talked till it got to be about 9 when I called grandma and papa and told them to get on skype since I would not be available near my computer because we were going out. So then we skyped, it was kinda short and I feel bad, but at the same time it Florence and its our first night to really do as we please. So then after skyping them I started getting ready to go out, and then Tess's friend from home came by with her roommates. We all headed out at about 10 to go pick up some more girls, ir got really irritating cause the girls didnt really know the way to the apartment so we kept going in circles, and everyone was wearing heels so they got worn out faster with all the walking we were doing. We did bump into two groups of americans going out to the clubs on our way, one of which we merged into for a bit and started talking with the girls, it was pretty cool. The other one we just kinda watched from afar because they were all totally drunk and there were so many, like over 30 people. We all laughed at them as the went by. When we finally got to the apartment we hung out for a bit and decided on what we were gonna do. Eventually we just decided that we didnt want to go to the main american club in the area and wanted to go near the Duomo and check out stuff near there. So all of the girls from my apartment ended up splitting from the other girls who were still going to the american club. So we got to the Duomo and went into this Irish pub and got some drinks, then went upstairs to just hang and talk. We actually ending up making friends with this guy Samuel who was from Sweden who was traveling with his grandparents around Europe. He was pretty cool. We also met these three other people two of which we from texas and then one was from NYC. We stayed in the pub till they kicked us out at 1:30 and then just stood outside and talked for a bit. We really wanted gelato but by the time we got around to bringing that up it was closer to 2 so there was no place open. So then we just headed back to the apartment and decided that for sunday since everything is closed that we were all gonna go to the american diner for a group breakfast tomorrow. Also I'm sure mom is very proud that her daughter is now the designated wine opener, I opened two bottles of wine tonight for everyone because they didnt know how. I felt very professional knowing what I doing and doing it right.

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