skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10th

So today I was actually the first person (besides Dora) to get up this morning, which was really weird cause I swear that I hear kids running around downstairs, but I suppose I could have just dreamt it up. So I just went back upstairs and waited for everyone to rise, which wasnt that long. Then we all headed out to the beach and we were there all day. Bea lost her new bracelet in the tide, but while searching I found this beautiful rock that sparkled in the light, like really sparkled, it looks like the whole thing is made out of sparkles. So I kept it, I know pack-rat, but its really small so I wont take up too much room. Last night actually was very funny, I was just heading off to sleep when I heard some scraping coming from right next to me, I started freaking out and switched on the lights and there was Ginger.... she apparently had been under the bed sleeping and realized that there was someone on top of the bed and she wanted to see who it was. It startled me so bad, it was really funny! She did it again today as I was getting dressed for the beach, she just appeared. I also switched rooms today since the bathroom upstairs cant be used at all in any capacity. So I moved into the extra room in the suite where the family is, and my room is all pink. Its really funny, even coincidentally the sheets that were left that the family had packed from Firenze were pink. And my bedroom is equipped with its own bathroom that has a shower, so I'm all set :) So at the beach the kids set up shop with some little things that were too small or too childish for them to sell to other kids. It was actually quite funny because of course the kids started to want what they were selling so they started buying it from each other with what little cash they had. It was really sweet. Then after the beach we got back to the house and I attempted to get the kids to have their english lessons, but only Andrea and Beatrice actually did their lesson. Bea I've decided to teach her songs, since she remembers those a lot better than just plain words. A long long time ago my best friend Victoria gave me a CD that had this one really weird song about animals at the zoo and I am so glad that I hoard music cause I have it on my computer and it is perfect for Bea. For dinner we had some sort of meat dish that was called polpetoni (or at least sounds like the way I spelt it) and it was like a sausage baked with bits of tomato in it and a couple hard boiled eggs in the center. It was really good, it seams like something that you would have for breakfast. Then I've just been on the computer waiting for people to talk to over skype, but of course when I'm free and the internet is working great there is no one to talk to (except Sierra who I already have chatted with and I doubt that she wants to skype, she's probably doing that with her other friends when I was chatting her).

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