skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8th

So this morning, technically, at about 1 or 2 am i woke up freezing. freezing!! it has been in the 90s all week and i wake up freezing! I threw on my big sweater and a the pair of 3/4 sweat pants that grandma got me and i was still cold! it was so weird! I did have my window open though, so apparently that is the reason why it got so cold. Also I thought that since I was away from everyone being upstairs that I wouldn't know when everyone got up in the mornings, but how wrong I was. Either the house is actually not as sound proof as it seems or little boys are extremely loud. Probably both. So I woke up, actually I really woke up at about 6am when the sun started to stream into my room, and since my window was wide open it lit up my whole room. But I woke, woke up at about 8am when a ton of little kids started thumping around downstairs and demanding breakfast. For breakfast we usually just have some sort of pastry and coffee, but of course for my super picky self I stick with tea. So then after breakfast we went to the beach, and we were there from 10am-5pm. So a very long time. Pretty much it was the same routine that anyone does at the beach, swim, sunbathe, play in the sand, sleep, swim etc. It was quite nice today because since there were so many kids they could easily entertain themselves without being in the water for the longest time so there was really no need to watch them too closely so I was allowed to sunbathe myself. I actually fell asleep for a full hour in the sun, and of course I was wearing sunscreen. Although the sunscreen did not stop me from getting some major sun :) After the beach we came back to the house where the kids of course jumped straight into the pool. I sat and talked with the adults for a while before dinner. For dinner I had cooked sardine type fishes, I only had three, it freaked me out every time I had to pull out a spine and pop off the head. Also I had the best lasagna I have ever had (sorry mom and grandma), I think that Dora cooked it in the toaster cause the top was very crispy, and the whole thing looked no bigger than one of those square pizzas from Dominos. I also tried cooked octopus, which was mixed in with potatoes, celery and some sort of cream sauce. I have been trying to post some pictures for the past three days but the internet connection is really not that good, we cant figure out why. It was working wonderfully just last week but now it seems to be going very slowly. I'll get them up eventually, I'll probably try to find a place that has wifi somewhere near the beach, like an internet cafe or something.

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