skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 21st

So today I had to wake up at 6am so that we could get to Florence by 8am. I had an appointment at the police station regarding my permit of stay, and Claudio had a business meeting in the city at 9:30am. So he dropped me off at the station and everything went smoothly, I had to get finger printed which was a lot different than I thought it would be. Everything has gone digital, shouldn’t surprise me, I had to scan my fingers prints into their computer. Quite a cool little gadget. Then after that was done I was left to wander the city till Claudio was done at work. So I found this little park and was just sitting watching the pigeons, which there are hundreds of and just walk right up to you. And I realized that the park looked familiar, and what do u know it’s the park that is right outside of my soon to be apartment! Literally just a block from the police station. So I went to see if I could figure out which of the buildings I would be living in (the street is really short, it only lasts a block before turning into a new name). So I’m not sure but I think I found the building, and we share the door with the Indonesian consulate. Pretty cool. Then I just started wandering, where every my feet took me I went. Till I turned, on a random chance and saw the tower of the Duomo sitting just down the road. So I headed that way and ended up in the heart of Florence where all the historical areas are. And it was actually not that crowded, I mean there was quite a line up waiting to get into the Duomo but not that crowded outside. So I hung out there for a bit till I noticed the time and started heading back to the police station to meet with Claudio. On my way I happened to pass a TIM store, which TIM is a big cell phone and internet provider in Italy, and I had been researching their internet deals so I went ahead and bought a plan. They are actually quite smart, they sell you an internet stick with free wifi for one year, for a flat rate, and if you want to continue the plan you just have to pay 19 euros a month. So far I havent quite got the hang of it... I dont understand the whole configuring aspect but I'll figure it out. So now I am set for the year, which is nice. So I was just planning on wandering back and seeing if I could actually find my way back to the police station without trying, just heading in the estimated direction of where it was. On the way I passed a street fair and the market place. Then all of a sudden I just appeared back in that park, literally it wasn’t more than a 10 min walk till I found myself back there. It was so strange. So I just had to hangout for a bit for Claudio, I waited in the park for a bit and read (which I am on the 4th book of my series already!!!) then I moved back to the police station. On the way there I happened across an open wifi line and decided to update my facebook with my days adventures. When I was waiting on the corner of the street to be picked up I was actually asked directions, in Italian, by two groups of tourists. When the found out that I spoke English they were relieved and they just wanted to know how to get to the center, which I knew where it was due to my little wandering trip. Then Claudio picked me up and we headed back to Cecina. On the way we stopped for sandwiches, I had a prosciutto and cheese wrap and water. When we got to Cecina Silvana and the kids were gone to the beach so Claudio and I both just passed out for a good two hours. When we woke up, which was at about 5:30 the kids still had not come back, which is a little strange for them but nice for us cause we get some peace and quiet for a bit. When the kids came back they just all jumped in the shower or the pool with their parents. Then for dinner we had fish sticks and some sort of cold rice dish that had olives, mushrooms, hotdogs, peas etc in it. After dinner we used the telescope to look at the moon, it was really awesome. Its so hot tonight I have no idea how I am going to sleep. It was hard last night and that wasnt nearly as hot as it is now :(

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