skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 13-14th

So yesterday we were supposed to go on a bike ride through the pine forest near the beach, but Silvana had gone to the beauty salon with the other car keys in her purse, so we had no way of getting there. Simone (the father who owns the house) took the three youngest biking using his car, but we couldn't fit everyone and the bikes. So instead I hung out with Kiara (the mother who owns the house) and Claudio and we played this card game that is somewhat like Kings (at least I think that is the correct name of the game). So we played that until the little kids came back from their ride and then we all had lunch, it was just simple pizza and pasta. Then we hung out at the pool and had english lessons. Nothing much really happened, we stayed at the house all day. I have been reading the Ice and Fire series on my iphone whenever I get a chance, and I finally finished the second book!! I'm so excited! cause with the first two books I pretty much knew all the major plot issues and surprises cause I watched the tv show which has just finished up with first two books. So now I'm moving into unknown territory and I cant wait, I'm already like 20 chapters in! (but there are like 60 chapters) Then we did try to do some stargazing but the kids lost interest really easily.
This morning (the 14th) Silvana invited me to go with her and Kiara to the market that happens every Tuesday. When she told me marked I thought that it would be more like a farmers market, but actually it was more of a street fair. Everyone was selling everything, from food to antiques to dollar tree type items. It reminded me a lot of Mon Kok with the street fair. I managed to really restrain myself and did not buy anything :) The mothers did buy quite a bit of stuff, they had to run to the bank after they were finished because they had run out of cash. Although most of their money did go towards food. I was their taste tester, they had me trying cheeses and fruit, and hey, I didn't complain! free food! It was awesome. Also it was really weird but I think I was hit on by this black girl..... I didn't ask Silvana what she said but..... I don’t know.... but whatever. Then after the market when went back to the house to wait for the kids who were on the bike ride again. This time all of them. Then we had lunch, just basic tortollini. Then we all went in the pool and I passed out for a good hour cause I didn't sleep well the night before. Then I played with water balloons with Matthew and Bea for a bit and then Gugu started having us play pretend that we were gonna go to the movies and she had to scan us till she decided that we were good to go. They watched tv for a bit while I read my book. Then we had english lessons which went really well today. I had all four kids, Bea, Gugu, Edwardo and Matthew sitting down for a good half hour (which is near impossible for these guys). And they actually had fun, at least I believe they do. Then I played a little soccer with Gugu, it was really cute cause we only had like 10 feet of space to actually play on and the ball we were using a bouncing ball so the ball kept bouncing instead of acting like a soccer ball. Then we had dinner, which was chicken, potatoes and string beans. It was really nice to have a vegetable, we haven’t really been eating any vegetables which sucks. Yet somehow I think I've been loosing weight, there aren't any real mirrors in the house so I was just using a glass door, but my clothes are starting to seem a little loose :) so I'm really excited about that.

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