skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11th

So today we went to the beach again, but as soon as we got there I got a very strange headache. I felt it coming on, I had those spots in my vision, and then there was a really throbbing pain in my temple. So I pretty much just tried to sleep the whole time we were at the beach, I even bought myself a huge bottle of water and drained it all. But it didnt help and no one had any medicine, so I had to wait till everyone was ready to go home to get my advil that thank god I had packed. Apparently they dont even have Advil here.... weird. Then the family told me to just sleep, so I did, apparently that is the cure for headaches here, take some medicine and then pass out for a few hours. And it worked. So I've had an extremely relaxing day, and I cant even remember how the day went by so fast, probably because of all the sleeping I did. For dinner tonight we had the best chicken dish ever! It was breaded chicken stuffed with prosciutto and some sort of cheese. It was very very good. I also learned that if you twist your pointer finger at your cheek after eating then it means that whatever you ate was very good. Thats really all, had a quite boring day.... I'll probably find something to talk about later.....

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