skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Friday, August 24, 2012

August 23rd

So this morning Claudio and Silvana went back to Florence so I had to watch the kids all day. I had thought that Kiara would have helped out a bit watching them but she really did nothing except for while I was teaching Andrea she went swimming with the kids. So I pretty much was on my own with them till 5:30pm. We had English lessons after breakfast and then went swimming. Then lunch which was just pizza, and then a rest period filled with technology while Kiara slept, so all the kids had to be in our half of the house. Then when Claudio and Silvana got back I got to rest for a bit while they went swimming with the kids. For dinner we had lasagna, this time it wasn’t as good as before, it was a little burnt on the top. Then Silvana, Claudio and I took the kids to the beach area where you can walk the street and there are a ton of vendors, a carousel and bumper cars etc. We were only there for about a half hour though because Edwardo started feeling sick after riding the carousel and puked all over himself and Claudio. So we had to leave early, and actually it turned out to be a good thing cause I was looking for a small bag to use incase Edwardo had to vomit again and I found my ping on ointment!!!! I’m so Happy cause it’s been hell without it, I’ve got se many bites and some I’ve itched till they bled, not good at all. But now I have it back, and it’ll come in handy again when I return to Florence. So we are apparently leaving on Sunday to head back to Florence. And this time I am going to be staying in the house with the family, not with the grandmother. Cause the grandmother is getting a new house keeper and they think that it is probably best that they two of them get acquainted without having to deal with a non-italian speaking person also living  there.

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