skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27th

So today I made myself wake up at 7:30 because Chiara told me the night before that she had to leave for work at around 8. So that way I had time to take a shower and be awake when the boys woke up, which they didnt wake up till around 9. Then we started watching Madagascar but then their grandparents arrived to visit. They had planned on going on a short walk to this small waterfall, but Edwardo was being difficult and didnt want to go so I stayed behind with him and eventually got him to go out etc. So we met up with the grandparents and went to the waterfall, but unfortunately there has been a shortage of rain so there was no water running down the waterfall. Then we went back to the house and the boys of course plopped themselves back in front of the tv and totally ignored their grandparents. I did manage to get them both outside for a time to actually interact with their grandparents but thats about it. Then we just hung around till lunch time where we had pizza and prosciutto and bread etc. After lunch everyone wanted some down time so the kids put on a movie and the grandparents read. After that Chiara and Simone came back from work so the kids talked with them for a while and the grandparents left. Then we had our english lesson, which went rather well, not our best lesson but still. Then Chiara and Edwardo went out to the market and I got some down time. Then Chiara took me on a quick tour of the house. Apparently it was built over top of a house that was here in the 14th century, but this new edition is not that old. There is one spot, in her bedroom, that is of the original house, its just a window but it is beautifully built out of stones. Also just in their yard they had a ton of rosemary bushes, mint, oregano, thyme, a lemon tree, a plum tree and a pomegranate tree. I actually just plucked a plum right off the branch and ate it, it was delicious. She also told me that I am welcome to look at any of the books in the house, which there are a lot of. And a lot of the books are art books, of course in italian, but I can still look at the pictures. For dinner we had pasta with zucchini, hamburgers, red and yellow peppers and cheese. I've already looked at two of the five books she gave me already to read and they have beautiful paintings in them. One is all 2D art works that were made my americans in italy, and its really making me wanna go paint. Which Chiara told me I was more than welcome to use their paints (they are just low grade water colors for kids) and go for a nice walk up the hill to use the view in my painting. I might just do that, especially if I can get the kids to come with me.

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  1. Pics of all that good art and the old house please!

    And pics of the food..... like when you were in Hong Kong!