skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26th

So last night we had a really big thunderstorm, I would have watched it but I was just so out of it I didn’t really even register that it was thundering out.  But there was also no wind, which made for a very uncomfortable night of trying to sleep. This morning we had breakfast and were going to go to the zoo so that Silvana could pack everything up, but right as we were about to leave it started down pouring again. So all the kids ran into the house and just started watching cartoons. We finally got moving after lunch, and we didnt actually leave till a little before 3pm. For these next few days it has been decided that I am going to stay with Chiara (whom i previously spelt her name as Kiara) and her family at their house. Their house is huge!! And its also outside the city, on top of a hill. It was a beautiful ride, the roads scared me but you could just look down into the valley of Florence and see everything! And the house itself is filled with antiques and beautiful pieces of art. I feel very very very awkward though. I mean they are just letting me live with them for the next three days, I dont know them very well and they dont want me to watch their kids, which there is no need to since the boys just wanna play on their wii all day etc. I do know that they want english lessons, not today since we did the move, but tomorrow and wednesday. So at least I am somewhat paying for my food etc. But still I have no idea what to do, I mean I could go and watch the boys play their wii... or just stand awkwardly where every the majority of the people are.
So I did end up doing an english lesson with Edwardo, it went quite well actually considering he's the one who I have the most trouble with. He can now successfully, and on his own, answer "how are you?" "what is your name?" and "how old are you?" And he was the one who said he wanted english lesson, Mathew just ran away when Edwardo suggested it. And I also talked to Chiara and turns out that she was work tomorrow so I will be watching the boys for the day, so she broke out the paints and paper and we are gonna do arts and crafts outside tomorrow. The only downside is apparently this area is full of mosquitos, it sucks. For dinner we had gnocchi and eggs, really weird combination but whatever... the gnocchi was the same as last time except it was not in a red sauce, it was just with cheese, no sauce. Honestly it wasnt that good, but the cheese was. I'm actually starting to be a cheese person, I eat it almost everyday, just plain (but mostly on bread).

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