skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 18-19th

So Saturday was pretty boring, all I did was just stay in the house all day. I did go out a few times of course, but basically was inside, I wasn’t feeling that good and I just wanted one of those days where it is ok to be a total couch potato. Andrea had his friend come over for the day, said friend had just returned the day before from a visit to Tennessee where his aunt lives. So Andrea had someone to play with and Bea and Gugu always make do playing with each other, and the adults all wanted to spend time together gossiping so I really wasn’t needed at all. We had lunch picnic style out on the pool deck, just boring pizza again and some grapes. Then for dinner we were going to go out somewhere but they did not make a reservation anywhere and everywhere was full till at least 10:30pm. So we ended up going to the beach where we usually are, there is a building you have to walk through to get to the beach, the one we usually use is called the Bagna Rina. So we went there and they have tables and such so we just parked ourselves at one of those and Claudio went and got us some pizzas (this time with cheese and toppings) from a quickie little pizza shop. The pizza honestly did not taste good at all. The cheese tasted all wrong with the sauce, it was kinda like eating the really cheap kind of pizza back home where you can tell that it was cheaply made. But the toppings were interesting, I had one that had prosciutto on it and another with some sort of spicy sausage which was the closest thing they had to peperoni. Then the kids all played on the beach and with the arcade games inside.

Sunday started much the same as Saturday, no one wanted to get up and when they did they just lounged around. We all went swimming till lunch. Silvana was out for the whole morning so I had to tend to the girls and help them after their showers. Claudio has been working since yesterday on something work related so we try not to bug him too much. Then in the afternoon the kids and the adults went back in the pool but I didn’t really want to get back in so I just stayed indoors where it is much cooler. We must be getting the start of our heat wave cause the sun is just brutal. We had dinner really early and then we all went to the circus!! It was a really small circus, at least compared to the circus’ that I have been to. They had a lot of animals though, they had the usual tigers, lions, horses, elephant, and a monkey. But they also had a hippo, a giraffe, and two zebras. The actual human part of the show was really not impressive at all. All of the people were trying to dance and such but it was so blatantly obvious that they were just following what they were told to do and they also were just not very good at it. There was even one of those women who does the acrobatics using two long pieces of cloth dangling from the ceiling, and although her moves were impressive she had no grace in-between moves so all we saw was her preparation and execution literally. The only human part that was really impressive were the trapeze artists, they had this one kid Micael who couldn’t have been over 10 years old and he was just swinging around up there like he was part monkey. Of course my favorite part was the lions and tigers. They were just so fluffy I wanted to go up and cuddle them!! And the trainer actually got to cuddle the eldest male lion, I was so jealous. Maybe I’ll join the circus and work with the cats J The circus ran really late, it might just be that here everything has to be a little later at night because everyone eats so late, but I never remember the circus starting at 9pm and lasting well past 11pm. All the little kids were either asleep or close to it. And of course they all passed out on the car ride back to the house. 

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