skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 4-5th

So I could not post last night, the 4th, cause I was just way too tired, and most of you would not believe what I did.... from 9-noon I played basketball. yes, basketball. actual games, well not that intense, but it did get intense for the 6 people playing. It was so hot, and there was barley any shade, but it was kinda fun... after that we went back to the house and had lunch which was really delicious. the main course was rice that was cooked with a light red sauce and light cheese, and it was served cool. It was really good, then there was also salad, and pizza. now when I say pizza I usually will mean just bread with a red sauce on it, no cheese. thats what they call pizza. sure they call our version of pizza pizza as well, but it seems that their type of pizza is much more popular. After that we had our first ever english lesson! yay!! it went quite well, I only worked with Andrea and Beatrice though because Francesca threw a hissy fit when I tried to get her away from the tv and her game console. Beatrice knows no english, but Andrea knows quite a bit and can read it very very well. I used the sour patch kids that I brought over as a sort of bribe to actually sit down and work with me on their english, since the parents had fallen asleep. After that we went straight to their friends house were we swam in the pool and had dinner. We ended up staying at their house until close to 1am. It was very cute, we were watching Ratatouille while the adults socialized and little Beatrice curled up next to me on the couch and completely knocked out. Francesca did the same on the other couch, and I was close to falling asleep as well. Also scariest thing happened! I was in the bathroom and there was a ginormous spider in front of the sink (the bathrooms are very small so I freaked out even more) and the door to the bathroom is quite old fashioned, it has a skeleton key to lock and unlock itself. So as I was trying to flee the key fell out of the hole and then I kept turning the wrong way, all the while I was hyperventilating!! and I know I say that most spiders are big, but literally this one was the size of my palm....... thankfully the house maid was in the house so I got her to take care of it.

So today was a nice morning, the family actually didn't wake up until 10am, which usually they seem to get up at around 8am everyday. So I got to sleep in which I loved. Surprisingly I have not had any jet lag, just the normal out-and-about too much, too much heat, and normal staying up late wanting to sleep in sort of issues regarding my sleep patterns. We went straight to the beach where we stayed till about 2pm. The sun was not too strong today which was nice because it usually feels like its burning through your skin. But the kids were kinda annoying. They had their two friends, Edward and Mateo, who have the house with the pool, with them and they kept fighting, mainly Beatrice and Mateo. I know I havent spoken much about the personalities of the kids so I am going to take the opportunity to do so now. Beatrice is adorable, super hyper and totally open and willing to try and understand me. But she is spoiled rotten, no one every says no to her, not even her parents, they might try a few times but they end up giving her what she wants. She also gets very tired out from the day but refuses to let that affect her hyper personality, so she gets even more whiney and just plain brutal. She will hit and bite me if I stick to saying no for too long, I've seen her do it to her parents too, even going so far as to kick her father between the legs. But even though she is such a pain in the ass she is still very sweet, she's kinda that kid that you just hate to love. Francesca is very quite, she almost never speaks, even with her own family. She is a total tomboy, which makes her perfect for hanging out with Andrea without them fighting. She usually is quite easygoing, but she does have her few temper tantrums, and when she does hers she is not as brutal as Beatrice but she also doesn't say anything, she just whines. She also seems to be a little wary of me, like she doesn't understand something, which is probably the language thing. Andrea is the most mature, he doesn't have a temper (at least that I have seen so far) and is a good older brother. He allows Bea her tantrums and usually gives into her, and he lets Gugu (Francesca's nickname) rough house and play with him. He's also quite quiet but not as much as Gugu. So anyway, after the beach we came back and showered and had our english lessons. They went a lot smother this time and Gugu actually let go of the tv. Then we went off again to their friends house to swim. I for once was not in the mood to swim so I watched over the kids. We didn't have dinner till about 9pm and it was barbecued pork and home made french fries. It was ok, I personally did not like the pork because I never really have, plus it was a bit too smoky for my tastes. And of couse we had gelatto for dessert, funny enough it was actually Magma bars that we had. We again did not leave until midnight. I was in a funk today, I just think that the heat, mixed with my lack of sleep and over-activity trying to appease Bea and impress the parents really just all caught up with me today. This morning at the beach I could barely keep my eyes open, and then when I do my english lessons the kids take their naps (when they are not in lesson of course) as do the parents, and when lessons are done its right on to the next activity. All I wanted today was a nap, and I didn't get one so it made me quite sulky and irritable, of couse I would never show that to the family. So it could have been a better day, but oh well.
So thats all for now, I am going to hit the hay....

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