skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 9th

So today we all woke up at 8am so that we could head out to the geisers. We were supposed to take the nature hike and then swim in the natural pools near the geisers and the see the museum. But the park was closed so we could only have a glance at the geisers, they weren't that big but there were really interesting to watch. Then we went to this really small town called Sesso Pesano (I think that is how it is spelt), but it is a super small town that you cant even drive into because the streets are small and winding etc. and the whole town was built into the hill, so you could even see the rocks that were naturally there connected to the rocks that were put there to build the town. It was fun to walk around in, but we were trying to find the museum and get to the geiser pool. We did finally find the geiser pool, its an old tub that was used by the town as a bath and for them to wash their clothes in. It was fed straight from a geiser so the water was really hot, but really refreshing all the same. When we were done soaking in the pool we had a picnic where we had left over couscous with pesto, prosciutto, cheese, bread, schiatta, sausages and coke~a~cola. On our way back from the village we found the museum, but we didn't end up going to it we just watched a demonstration of what happens when they pour the water into the earth and the steam the results. Because this area was also the area where they are making energy from the earth where they drill into the earth and then pour water into it to create energy through steam. Or something like hat, i'm not that sure what was really going on. I completely passed out on the drive back to Cecina, but the way to Sesso I was watching the beautiful scenery. It was really amazing, we were driving up and down hills and valleys and there were views of the area that simply took my breath away. We also passed through a couple towns too and they were so cute, and very quite. Oh also, funniest thing. when we had just arrived in Sesso the adults were all discussing what to do next and one of the kids (David) found a tv that someone was throwing out, so it was just sitting on the road, and he went over and tried turning it on, and got so frustrated that he started hitting it. He couldn't understand why it wasn't turning on, it was so funny! When we got back to the house we just hung out till dinner, and for dinner we had pasta, chicken nuggets, and zucchini. It wasnt as amazing as other nights but I was just so tired and not at all hungry that I didnt really mind. Then I just got on my computer and chatted with mom, sierra, earl, grandma, and papa which was totally awesome!!!

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