skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28th

So this morning I figured I could sleep in till 8am since the boys didnt get up till 9 yesterday, but I awoke to the sound of their voices well before 8 so I had to get up. They were still half asleep till about 9 so we just watched part of a movie till their nonna came over again. I'm assuming that the nonna is going to be coming over everyday to watch the kids. So once the nonna came over we got the boys outside and I played a bit of soccer with them, and then we started a game of 4 way catch, and then tried to throw the ball through a gap in the branches of a tree. And a miracle happened! Frida just walked up to me when we were playing catch with something in her mouth and just sat down next to me. So I took a look at what she had in her mouth (cause she eats everything) and she had my ping on ointment that I had lost!! and she brought it right to me! it was so amazing. So now I can finally have some relief from these stupid bug bites, yesterday was terrible not having the balm cause of course that was the day that the mosquitos decided to eat me alive. Then went we were finished playing outside we came back in. Mathew and I played some intensive games of, I dont even know what, but it involved a lot of tickling a giraffe laundry bin, a lightsaber and a balloon. It was lots of fun though. Then for lunch we just had left over pasta and after lunch we watched a movie, and for once we got through the whole movie. Then the nonna tried to get Edwardo to do some summer homework and he just keeps yelling at her and everyone. He is extremely temperamental and super annoying. I'm not even going to start ranting about him. Then a little later this boy named Jacamo came over. I met him for the one day that he came over to the beach house, he was really annoying at the dinner table but whatever. So the kids got re-acquainted and then started a movie, the same movie that they had just watched but whatever. So I decided to excuse myself since they are all together and just watching a movie, plus the nonna is watching it with them. Then when the movie ended and the nonna when home we played a very intense game of capture the balloon throughout the house. It was a ton of fun, but we all got too exhausted from all the running so we stopped and had a water break and then they got into a tv show. Chiara and Simone did not return from work till about 7pm. And for dinner we had beef, zucchini and ravioli. And tomorrow apparently the boys are going to a friends house for a playdate so I dont have to watch them at all, and I had the option of going into the city with Chiara, since she works in the center of Florence, and then spending a day in the city or staying here. I actually chose staying here just because I am going to be living in the city for a whole year, there is not telling if I will be invited back here and she told me when she gave me the mini tour yesterday that there is a beautiful walk up the mountain that just is a big circle that will lead me back to their house and I really wanna walk it. Also if I can find my way up there I really wanna visit the monastery that is abandoned from the 14th century. Plus this also gives me time to really get ready for tomorrow and totally relax on my last day of summer.

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