skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22nd

So this morning started as all the mornings so far have gone, breakfast and the kids watching tv. We had our english lesson early today, and somehow I managed to keep all the kids at the table for a good 47min!! which is amazing for them. Also halfway through the lesson I remembered that old rhyme song "head-shoulders-knees and toes...." so I'm gonna have them learn it since it will teach them a few body parts. They found it hilarious when I did it really fast for them. Silvana Claudio and Andrea all left for the morning, Andrea and Claudio to the basketball courts and Silvana I am assuming went again to the beauty salon. So I was watching all the kids by myself today. It really wast hard, they all just played around the pool and they organized their own, peaceful, game to play. I just relaxed in the sun and got even tanner :) the only downside, I was wearing my sunglasses, so I have the beginnings of raccoon eyes.... Then after lunch, which was pasta again, Silvana and the rest got back and the kids just stayed inside on the tv, ipads etc. I tried out my new wifi and it works well, not excellent but thats also cause we are in the middle of nowhere. We really didnt do anything in the afternoon, and for dinner we had some weird concoction. It was a red meat, I think beef, but it was covered in a mayonaise sauce that tasted like it was made for a fish dish. So together is tasted weird but not bad. The kids of course complained, cause honestly it looked like cat puke, so Dora made everyone a small hamburger to go along with it. I had discovered earlier today that one of the X-Men videos I have has the option of being played in Italian, so the kids were all eager to watch it after dinner. We got about half way before they all started to get bored and went off to play on their ipads. But no biggie, I kinda wanted my computer back anyway.

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