skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Friday, August 10, 2012


so this is the beach that we constantly go to

This is Andrea.

you can see that instead of sand we have rocks

just a really pretty picture of the sun setting

this is what it looks opposite of the sea, all houses and restaurants that you walk through to get to the beach.

Andrea on one of our beach chairs

this is the house we were in before we moved

the window to the right is the window into my room

this is the porch at that house

this is the old kitchen

this is the new house that we are guests at

this is that cat i was talking about who looks like a small black lion

this is one of the family's cars

this is just a tiny snapshot of what lies around the house

this is a pomegranate from their tree

the house again, this area is where we always hang out and usually have dinner too
So this is Frida, she has taken quite a shining to me :)

this was just something we passed by on our field trip the other day, I posted these mainly to say that these are olive trees and they are everywhere! being grown in yards and just plain out their in the wild.

this is the only geiser we really got a good look at since the park was closed

these are the kids doing some yoga

the one on the left is Beatrice, then Francesca and Andrea

This is the small town we explored

this is David trying to turn on the tv that was being thrown out, he couldnt understand why it wouldnt turn on and was very irritated that it wasnt working

one of the streets in the town


this is the geiser fed bath

all of us taking a bath

this is the bath house from the top

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