skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Friday, August 17, 2012

August 15-16th

So on the 16th we had a rather lazy day where we hung out at the house and literally did nothing all morning and then in the afternoon we just spent it all in the pool. It was actually really fun, Gugu and I started this whole game where I kept kidnapping her ship (one of those blow up boats) and she would try to get it back by whatever means necessary. Splash fights, water guns and weirdly enough badminton rackets pursued. Also Claudio's uncle came for a visit because his helper had the day off. For lunch we had this interesting pasta dish that was in a red sauce with fish in it. I dont think that I have ever had a fish and pasta dish that used a red sauce, but it was really good. For dinner we went to another little town and met up with a friend of Gugu and her parents. The restaurant was beautiful, right on the water and quite fancy cuisine. I had a spaghetti with clams, muscles, squid and shrimp. It was really good. And we also had a bottle of a nice sharp white wine. After that we just hung out on the street while the parents talked and I played a bit with the kids. It was a really late night and we didnt end up getting back to the house till past midnight.
The next morning I had expected the kids to sleep in a bit but of course they didnt. Oscar (Claudio's uncle) came over again and we went out to the beach area to buy some trading cards for the kids and play at the playground. It was really cute there was this little black girl named Maya who just started hanging out with the other kids and asking for one of their trading cards, it then turned into a game of tag where little Maya (who couldnt have been older than 4) chased all the kids all around. We also had lunch at the park, the kids all sat on one bench and the adults just stood around them. It was pizza again, but this pizza tasted more like a mix between pizza and skechatta. Then we hung out till Simone came to pick up the kids. Him and Kiara had been at the vet the whole morning because Ginger had to have an operation. Then when we got back the kids did homework while I passed out for an hour. Then they all went swimming, I didnt really feel like swimming plus I was washing my bathing suit, so I didnt join them. The kids invited me to play playdough with them so we did that and I used Simone's speakers to blast their favorite song "I Like to Move It" while we made our creations. Then we all went out to dinner at this place called "La Pizzeria de Vecchio Fratoio." It is in this little town on top of a hill, so this place looked right out onto the landscape around the town, it was beautiful. I had another pasta and fish dish, this time it was spaghetti and clams. Then for my second plate I had a dish of fried prawns (whole) and squid. It was good but too much and I couldnt finish it. The prawns were amazing! they had the same texture as really good crab meat, and tasted magnificent. I had to keep the kids amused while the adults ate so we played a variety of games outside the restaurant. In the end I just got beat up by all of them all at once. thanks to my constant fight play with Earl I still came out on top :) We also passed the circus on our way to and from the restaurant so we got to see the elephant and a couple of lions and one tiger from our window.

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  1. Emily, write in bigger font I can't read this small one and it's too curly for my old eyes.

    Sounds like the food continues to be amazing and that you are having a fun time. We miss you here. We did Tangled this week in ballet camp and it was super cute. Thanks for your lesson plans!

    Love you,