skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1st

This morning I woke up with big bites all over.... I guess I must be a new type of food for the bugs here..... thank goodness I have my ping-on ointment from Hong Kong, its a miracle worker with itches. We were supposed to head for the beach today at about 2pm, but of course like most families with kids it didnt work out as planned, so we didnt leave till 6pm. When we got to the beach the parents, Claudio and Silvana, unpacked and set up while the children, Andrea, Francesca, Beatrice and I played outside. We then went to have pizza for dinner and it was the thinest crusted pizza ever!! it was half the size of Conte's pizza!!! We also had some gellatto right before we started driving to Cecina and it was sooooooo good!!! i have no idea what they do to it that makes it so good but it is probably the best type of ice cream I have ever tasted! yeah, so today I really didnt do that much so there is not much to write, but now that we are at the beach I will have access to the internet a lot easier so I should be able to post almost every day.... unless if I have nothing to report.

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