skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7th

So today we moved into a new place. It's the house of their friend who has the pool. turns out that their house is a lot bigger than it seems. It has technically three houses in one. There is the main house which is where the family lives, and then there is a separate suite upstairs, and one around back. The family has the one round back, I am living on my own in a room upstairs in the main part of the house. Its really nice, we all have our own bathrooms and now we can use the pool whenever we want. My room actually has two beds, a desk, two dressers, and a bathroom with a bath tub and shower. It has a beautiful view of the fields and is right over the kitchen, which of course will cause it to be quite hot, but it also makes my room smell delicious. So the other family is still living here with us, the father alone had to go back to Firenze for work, there is also another family living in the upstairs suite. They have two boys who are the same ages as the youngest kids and its just the mother living with them. So it is quite a full house. We packed up the whole other house this morning and made it to the new house by about 11am, which then of course we hit the pool while the parents unpacked. Silvana left to bring her mother back to Firenze (her mother was staying in the room next to mine at the other house). So she might not be back for a few days because her mothers aide/house keeper is still on vacation. Speaking of house keepers, the family that lives here has a house keeper who is utterly amazing, I feel like I live in a palace. She does all the laundry, cleaning, and cooking and she serves you at the table and everything! its so weird! I feel really bad, the little kids dont even seemed fazed by all that she does. Her name is Dora and she must have to be paid quite a lot, I dont know why she would so all the things she does for a low paycheck. They also have a ton of cats just wandering around and two dogs so I am all set with the animals. The only difficulty I have now is getting the kids to do their english lessons because they really dont want to be separated from their friends. So I just chased the kids around all day, made a game up so that all of the kids would do an english lesson and went for a private swim which was very relaxing. For lunch we had pesto pasta and gellato, and then for dinner we had pizza and fish fingers. Then I sat with the adults and just hung out and drank some wine and ate some cheese which actually very good.

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