skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 25th

So I really wanna slap the shit out of Bea. I know she is spoilt, but now I know that she is way beyond spoiled. I mean just today she threw more than five hissy fits over little things. We were playing charades in English as our lesson today and she started getting really pissed that she couldn’t go back up to act out an animal, even though she had already had several turns and she hadn’t guessed any right. But then she started crying and refusing to sit, which was distracting to the kids whose turn it was to go. So I had to sit her on my lap with my hands around her waist to keep her sitting, but she screamed and cried and tried biting me, she punched me a good amount of times and pinched me too. Then also she threw a fit because Gugu was using a bow tie that Bea wanted, even though her hair was already up in a hair tie. So she started bawling her eyes out and screaming at the top of her lungs and shrieking for her mom, who was actually out at the market for the whole morning. And also last night I was relaxing and was about to go to sleep and the kids were in the living room watching tv and my door was open and I was keeping an eye on them. So all the other kids left to go to the other house to play cards but Bea stayed watching tv, but when her show was over she got bored and came into my room and we watched an episode of Rugrats together, till she wanted to go to her mom. And I told her to go, her mom was just on the other side of the house, but she refused to go, she wanted me to take her to her mom. I told her no cause I had already changed into my pajamas and I didn’t want to go outside and see the adults in my pajamas, plus they had a guest over too. So Bea started shouting out the open window for her mom, and while she was doing that Francesca and Edwardo came back into the house and Bea joined them playing cards and watching tv. So I figured that they are all together that I could quickly run to the bathroom, and in this house I usually close the door to my room along with the bathroom door because Bea likes to just walk into my room unannounced, she actually did that today when I was changing into my bathing suit. So anyway my door was shut and when I got out of the bathroom I heard a knock on my door and it was Silvana. Apparently Bea told her that she was scared because she was in the house all alone and my door was shut. I tried to tell Silvana that that wasn’t true, because I had literally just had the door open and that Bea and I were even watching a show together on my computer and that I closed my door when I knew that there were two other kids in the house. But I don’t believe that she believed me, this is what I really hate about babysitting, or teaching nowadays, the parents will always put the words of their kids way above those of the person watching them. So now I fear that she’s pissed at me because I didn’t have my door open to watch the kids. But I mean what can I do? She’s still gonna believe that Bea was all by her lonesome and terrified because I was ‘ignoring’ her by having my door open. I mean this is the kid that just barges into my room whenever she feels like it, if she was frightened she would have just opened my door. I mean she did it before why wouldn’t she do it then? She once just barged in when I was taking a nap, and she saw that I was trying to sleep and she still badgered me trying to get me to let her play with my ipod. Which she has been after my ipod all the time, I used to let her use it I mean I have some games on it and there is no internet access so there is no risk of letting her use it. Until I saw that she had accidentally discovered how to delete songs from the device, and she was totally unaware of what she was doing. So since then I haven’t let any of the kids use my ipod at all. But that doesn’t stop them from wanting it and throwing little whining fits in my face about how they want it. I think I’m seriously the only firm hand they have ever had to deal with before. I mean if Bea or Gugu ever didn’t get their way they start getting violent, even with their parents, and the parents don’t do anything. Me on the other hand, when Bea tries to hit me I just grab her arm and say no, really firmly and look her right in the eyes, and usually she will just stop, but there are times when she will continue her assault and I just have to keep telling her no. I’ve also started a 1,2,3 count before I take matters into my own hands. Like when Bea refused to give up the ipad because it was time for lunch or English lesson I would count to three and by the time if she wasn’t done as I asked I will take it by force. She’s starting to get the idea, although that doesn’t stop her from being upset about it. She’s also so selfish, she believes that everything is hers, I mean we are guests in someone else’s house and she just does as she pleases, like when they kids are playing with the ipads, if she wants one she will just grab it away from whoever was using it. And her family only has one ipad while the other family has two so most of the time she is taking it from one of the boys who it actually belongs to. And the adults just feed the fire by letting her get away with it, I have seen little Mathew get scolded for not sharing his toys because he tried to get his ipad back from Bea after she grabbed it from his hands. It’s so irritating, and I can’t do anything, I mean I’m just a guest really and I don’t speak the language. Honestly I wish there was a way to just download an entire language into your brain, it would make everything so much easier. I mean I have read that when a kid has a hissy fit that you should stand firm in your decision, such as if the kid is not listening to you when you tell them to sit down and stay sitting you should put them in their seat and just let them sit there and don’t relent because if you do the kid knows that all they need to do to get out of their chair is to start throwing a fit. I know in public you don’t necessarily have to follow that, but when it’s a simple thing as the kid causing trouble in your home you shouldn’t let the kid be the one in control. But literally Bea has all the control in the house, even her siblings who do throw their own temper tantrums from time to time always relent and give Bea what she wants because she starts crying and screaming. Its ridiculous, thank you Sierra and Earl for never being like that, if you were I probably would have strangled you by now. Also the kids have somehow got it in their heads that I am their personal servant or something because they always are demanding that I take their trash and throw it out, or to go and get them something to eat etc. It’s ridiculous, they never do it for themselves, the food thing I can understand, but this house is a pig sty because of all the trash just lying around the house cause the kids cant be bothered to pick up after themselves. UGH! So the adults all left again this morning, Claudio went to go visit his uncle and Silvana took Andrea to play cards on the beach and then to the market. I honestly don’t know what Kiara does all day but she’s always at the house and yet she never raises a hand to help out with the kids. I had the kids all morning, doing English, through watching tv, which you would think would be relaxing but there are so many hissy fits while the kids are watching tv its hardly relaxing, and then the pool. I honestly didn’t even know she was home till I took the kids to the other side of the house for lunch and she was just there smoking a cigarette…. So I have no idea where she was when I was trying to control her children but whatever. So we had more pasta for lunch today and the kids are getting pretty good at their English, they all ask for me to pour them water please and I have to remind them but most of the time they remember to say thank you, and I respond with your welcome. That makes me proud to hear them ask, but they still are so difficult with their lessons. Bea started screaming today cause I dared to contradict her when she said that we were not gonna have English lessons today and I said we were. So the adults got back after lunch and the kids decided to clean out the outside play area, which is kinda like a gazebo, so play house in. So the got pillows and towels and toothbrushes etc, I helped bring stuff to them but then was told that I wasn’t allowed to play with them and to go away. So I just went to the pool to relax for a bit since the kids were still playing. Then Silvana and Claudio came to swim too, and I just felt awkward cause honestly I have no idea how they feel about me. I mean they are paying me to watch their kids but at this house there is really no need to watch them unless there are no adults around or they are at the pool. So when they joined I stayed for a bit and then just left, I was getting hot anyway. Which I haven’t been using sunscreen for the past two weeks and I haven’t got a single sun burn, and I’ve actually gone sunbathing in the heat of the day. Nothing. I just got a little tanner and quite overheated! It’s so weird, a nice weird though. So they said that we were gonna go to the beach today, not the one we normally go to. It’s a different beach that Silvana and Kiara took the kids to when Claudio and I had to go to Florence. Anyway apparently it is really beautiful, white sand and lots of fish and shells all around. So I was quite looking forward to that, but I really don’t think that its gonna happen…. Oh well. So I have nothing to do now. The kids are playing their game of house, which I cannot watch or participate it and the adults are in the pool, so I’m just sitting in the house on my computer…. So at dinner the kids wanted to eat in their play house that they had created so they all carried their dishes to their little house, which left me and Andrea to eat all alone in the kitchen. But Claudio instead made room for the two of us at the adult table. So the kids ate ravioli and the adults had some pasta with these little fish eggs mixed in it with an olive oil sauce, and left over sausages and pork from the other day. Also right before dinner I ate a bunch of different cheeses and drank a thing of sparkling white wine. I can now understand why cheese and wine go together, it made both of them taste a lot better. After dinner the adults just stayed and gossiped round the table and the kids just played in their little house and then watched a movie. So I just hung out at the adult table, and Kiara persuaded me to try this liquor that she was drinking. It was terrible, it tasted like it was made from pine needles, really sweet pine needles. And it was very strong; I didn’t like it at all. Then we all finally went back to the house at about 10:30pm. 

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