skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2nd

So today we got up early and went straight to the beach. It was a beautiful day, hot but not too hot unless you were in the sun. The sun is so strong you have no idea! I did get a tan today and only a small burn on my back from where I couldn't reach to put on sunscreen. I even got a partial tan from the couple of minutes that it took us to walk to the beach! watch out Felicia I might actually catch up with your tan if this sun keeps up :) the beach is so different than all the ones I've ever been to. There is sand up to a point and then it is all pebbles and small rocks going into the water, its kinda nice that way because then the waves dont cause murky water like they do with sand, but it does kinda hurt your feet.   They also provide you with beach chairs and an umbrella, you have to pay for them and reserve your spot (I'm not sure about the paying but I'm assuming you do have to). So we stayed at the beach till about 5pm and then we headed back and had some down time in the house. Claudio's uncle came over for dinner, we also celebrated his birthday which was earlier this week, he turned 97 and totally looks like the stereotypical funny really old man with the bald head, baggy cheeks that spring up when he smiles, no teeth, hard of hearing and funny as hell. I have been learning a lot of italian from the family and they have learned some english from me, we are still trying to work out a way for the lessons to work. I've also been teaching Beatrice how to roller-skate, and a friend of the family gave me a pair of roller-skates to use as well. So I haven't gotten around to taking a lot of pictures, but I just charged my good camera and will take a lot tomorrow so they should be up here soon.

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  1. Hi Em, it's Friday August 3. Read your blog and it all sounds wonderful. Your family sounds very nice and the children beautiful. Saw your few pictures. I wrote wo blogs and then they erased. I think I told you this already. I will try to do it right today. We went to camp yesterday with Kara and Eli and Earl and Eli removed about 200 rocks for me that were at the end of the dock for one dollar per rock. I actually only gave the 60 dollars each, but they are thrilled. Elis gave 20 to his poor sister Kara who spent all her travel money on Eli's bday present. What a good boy! It has been cool the last two days - only 70 degrees - but warming up gradually. Today we will probably go back to camp and maybe Kakabeka on the way. Grandpa and I have to go to Ron's 70th bday tonight. Everyone misses you and is excited about your trip. It sounds like you are making a little progress with the languages already and the family probably really appreciates having you there. Sounds like you are great with the children. I will look forward to the pictures you post. I am going to try sending this and then will write more later after Imake sure it sends.