skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 30-31st

So after I finished my last post I went to have dinner which was tortollini with meat, and for dessert we had a super ripe watermelon that was so delicious! For breakfast the next day was awesome! I ate in the kitchen and on the porch, which are connected, I had strawberry yogurt, tea, and jam on biscotti. It was all very relaxing. I went and filled out my permit of stay, which was quite annoying..... not as much as the visa though. After than I went to the house (in reference to the family's house and not the nonna's house that I was sleeping at) and had lunch, which was some sort of sausage with string beans and potatoes, and chocolate pudding. I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the kids. I totally kicked their butts at Just Dance 1,2 and 3 and they seemed rather impressed that I knew/sang all the songs we danced to. At about 6 we went to the mall, it was pretty big and had a 'Walmart' type store in the center. The family and I were invited to dinner at their friends house. The dinner was delicious, we had pasta first and then a quesadilla type food that is made in Bologna. Then for dessert we had another really ripe and delicious watermelon and a gellato cake which was divine!! I pretty much spent the night with the children playing Wii and drawing the family whose house we had dinner at has a daughter named Andreana who is in the same class as Andrea. We didnt leave till after midnight and of couse as soon as I got back to the nonna's house I just passed out.

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