skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29th

So today the whole family, including Dora, went out for the day. The kids went to their friends house and the adults went to work and run errands. So I got to sleep in (yay!) It was very nice to finally sleep past 8 in the morning as I've been waking up before 8 everyday this month. Then I just had a leisurely breakfast of cheese and biscuits. Then I took and shower and got ready for a nice walk. I started walking and got to this beautiful house, I was actually following the road because I thought it was abandoned (it looked that way) and I wanted to see what I would find. But that house was definitely not abandoned cause it had decorations on the trees outside and security switches etc. So I started heading back the way I came cause that was a dead end, but there were so many horse flys everywhere! and they were trailing me and it got so annoying. So I started up a different, more used road, hoping I could get away from the majority of the flies, but there were just more. Plus I had brough Frida along with me since she seemed really excited yesterday when Chiara started pulling out the leashes. But it was a mistake to bring her, she is terrible on a leash, like a really strong puppy that doesnt realize that they have to not tangle the leash around the humans feet, and actually move etc. So I just got really frustrated and went back to the house. Then I just relaxed, kinda just a cat type of day, just lounging around without a care in the world. The family did not get back till around 7:30 and then we immediately had dinner. And apparently the boys went with their friends to see Madagascar 3 (which all the kids this summer that I met were obsessed with all of the Madagascar movies) so they we quite animated about the whole thing.

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