skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12th

So last night was a meteor shower and we all went out to watch it. There wasn't a ton of shooting stars but I saw at least 5 and all together we all saw over 15. Then this morning we all got up and just hung out and swam, I had a lot of fun with the girls. Francesca say that I swim like a fish and must be a mermaid (of course this is all translated through her mother, I have no idea what the word for mermaid is in italian). Then I just watched the kids for the rest of the day. Beatrice had a really bad temper tantrum so her parents put her down for a forced nap, it lasted at least 2 hours and we weren't allowed in the house so I just hung out and tried to understand the italian cartoons the kids were watching. Andrea also had a friend come over in the afternoon, I dont really like him. He's one of those extremely annoying class clowns that always manages to get everyone else in trouble and annoy the hell out of his teachers. The kids think he's hilarious but he caused so much greif for Dora who was trying to keep order at dinner. I felt really bad, and if I could speak italian I would have let him have it. We had hamburgers and fries for dinner, with coke, made it very american :P Also I totally forgot to mention that I like apricots, at least I'm pretty sure thats what I've been eating, they are the small fruits that are yellow and orange and have a small brown pit? If so then I like them. I also like prosciutto, its very good on bread. Also it seems that the kids really like the candy I brought, but weird enough they hate the warheads. Which is strange to me cause I thought that they would totally get a riot out of watching each other deal with the extreme sour-ness. But none of them really like them... And they do know what marshmallows are, they mentioned last night that with watching the stars and all that they should be roasting marshmallows. So I guess there isnt really a need to bring them over.

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