skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Friday, August 31, 2012

August 30th/MOVE IN DAY!!!

So today was move in day!! I woke up early, as soon as I registered that the sun was shinning outside, I was so excited. I got up and had my shower, packed up etc and then Simone drove me to SRISA. We had some trouble getting there though because apparently the town is sectioned off near the center so that only cars with a red permit are allowed down the streets, so he couldn’t get onto the street we needed. So we ended up getting into the city area and parking near the indoor market and then walking with my suitcases all the way to the school. When we got to the street we actually couldn’t find the school, apparently it was still closed because they were only gonna open up a little bit before their first student was supposed to arrive, and they thought that I wasn’t arriving till noon because in my email I said that my flight would get in at noon, they didn’t really realize that the date was for July not August. So when they did open up I was the first in and I met Laellie, she’s the woman that I always emailed all my questions to and she’s very nice. I waited around for a bit, filled out the lease for my apartment etc and just relaxed. Then my apartment-mate Tess arrived and once she was done with her paperwork we were escorted to our apartment. Once there we were taught how to open the front door and how to get out the door (cause you have to press a button inside to unlock the door to get out). Then we had to drag our suitcases all the way up two stories because the elevator is broken, it wasn’t that bad, at least that time. I had to go back for my bigger suitcase, I had left it at the school so I could do them one by one. The larger one was impossible to get up those stairs, but I managed. Then I unpacked, and once I was done with that Tess and I went out to try and find a supermarket type of place to get some necessities like soap etc. So we went to the indoor market and got some cheese and fruit, then to this little grocery store and I got some prosciutto, yogurt, dish soap etc. Then when we got back to the apartment we had two more roommates: Avigayil and Jess. So I found out that apparently Avigayil is not from Israel, she was just there for the summer, she’s actually from Boston. And then I just hung out till Jordan arrived, our last roommate, and then I skyped with grandma and papa. I miss them so much. After that I put some laundry in and talked with Avigayil for a bit before we decided to head out and do something. So we went out to the school where the Piccell guys were helping people who had questions about their new phones, three of my roommates got new phones today. Then Jordan went back to the apartment to take a shower and go to sleep, Tess went to meet up with her best friend who is also studying in Florence, and that left Jess, Avigayil and myself. We decided to go on a walk to the Ponte Vecchio, it was so beautiful. Jess has actually been in studying in Florence twice, though never for an actual semester, just summer courses. But she knows her way around so that is really helpful. Also her birthday is tomorrow so we are gonna go out and buy her an ice cream cake at Gelaterio d’Medici, which is really delicious. We had dinner at a little place right next to the outdoor market, it was quite good, but also a little pricy. We only stopped cause they had a sign that I though said free gnocchi, ravioli and penne, but turns out they actually had written gluten free instead of given free which I thought it said. But oh well it was still an experience. Avigayil’s mother is actually half Italian and they lived in Italy till she was four and her mom speaks to her in Italian so she can actually speak it, no one else in the suite can. So then after dinner we walked back to our place, we were all exhausted, we had walked around the city for about three hours. So then we just all settled in, I hung out my laundry (cause we don’t have a dryer, just drying racks). And now everyone is going to bed even though it’s only 9:30, I think they are all still a little jet lagged. As for me I might stay up for a bit but I’m pretty tired too, its hot and I got extremely over stimulated today.

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