skyline of firenze

skyline of firenze

Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 17th

So we all woke up quite late since we were all out late at dinner. We ended up going to the beach in the morning, but Claudio had to work and Silvana had an appointment at the beauty salon so I had all three kids at the beach by myself. It wasnt that bad, the kids didnt even want to go in the water cause it was too wavy. So we were there by ourselves from 10-1:30pm and then Silvana came and we hung out till a little after 2pm then we headed back to the house where we all jumped in the pool right away. After the pool we had our english lessons which was interesting to say the least. The little kids are hard to handle in a large group, plus Edwardo had a friend over so he joined in too, so it brought it up to 5 kids under 7 years old trying to learn english from someone who can barely speak their own language... But for the most part they did learn something. Andrea on the other hand can read english very well but he doesnt understand it. So I've been trying to get him to really comprehend what he is reading and getting his grammar up to parr, but he keeps going to his parents saying that he is doing too much grammar and he wants to do more memory games. So I tried a game with him, name an animal for every letter in the alphabet, but we didnt even get far before he started to get bored and throw the whole game. I mean, how many english speaking memory games are there? I honestly dont know any other than charades but thats about it. Also I'm really glad that Gugu is finally really starting to warm up to me, her Mathew and I all played ninja in the yard and she's been trying to reach out more and try and communicate with me even though theres the language barrier. And for dinner we had Gnocchi!!!!! it actually wasnt that good to tell you the truth, it just tasted like potato pasta in a red sauce, it didnt have any of the hidden flavors in it. Also they cut it differently than Papa taught me to, these were just small balls instead of the longer mini-football shape. I still have the photos of all the gnocchi that I made so I showed it to the kids and the parents and they were quite impressed that I could make gnocchi (thanks papa!). Then to accompany the gnocchi we had some sort of fish in a red sauce and fruit for dessert. Then after dinner I just hung out outside with the adults and listened to some good music, played with Frida and got my face licked off and made sure that Ginger didnt start trying to bite at her stitches. Then when I noticed that Bea was starting to fall asleep I brought her back to the house and just went to bed myself, but then at midnight I heard something outside my window. It was a pack of wild pigs, now I couldnt actually see them cause it was too dark and it's relly hard to see black on black, but I heard them. They were really close to my window cause I could hear them eating the grass. It made the dogs go crazy, I could hear them barking from the other house. We were supposed to go to the circus actually after dinner, but that never went through... I dont know why not it just didnt. But oh well, knowing these kids they will suddenly remember and demand to go and they will get their way.

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